dehome.club is an online magazine dedicated to artistic interior decoration, luxury home design and interesting DIY décor projects. The main idea behind the blog is to showcase, advice and provide tips for fresh and unique, artistic decoration styles and concepts, and to inspire a stylish and elegant life at home or work.

Every person is different, having unique styles, likes, moods, colors, preferences, perspectives, and all those reflect within our home. Would it be great to be able to make your living space match your personality? To make your home feel like…. “Hey this is definitely me”?

dehome.club will provide ideas whether you’re into country style, minimalistic, vintage, classic or contemporary… it’ s all there to inspire and help you add your personality and style into the furniture, walls and decor, and convert your space you’re living.

“All our lives we’ve been hearing the phrase things are nothing, merely not important, they just lifeless stuff… but all great designers and decorators know that this couldn’t be further from the truth. Walls, colors, beautiful decorative items, matching design are all mediums that affect our feelings and moods, provide warmth within our mind and soul and inspire creativity.”

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