Abstract Paintings Decoration Ideas

Abstract Paintings Decoration Ideas – Are you looking for accessories for a decoration of the seventies? Want to give your walls a perfect touch? Well you’re in luck because in this article I will present some abstract paintings with an ideal environment for this type of style.
The design of the abstract paintings of signature Qora & Shai are perfect to complement a retro decor. They have a very colorful seventies. Besides his abstract forms and original design make them very personal, so surely occupy an important place in your decor becoming protagonists of your walls.

Below I’ve left you a gallery with the most outstanding abstract paintings of Qora & Shai. Circles, stripes, abstract shapes, letters and colors are much what you’ll find in each of his creations. I hope you find the picture you were looking for inside your home.


Earlier I mentioned that are perfect for a retro decor, but sure as you get watching models you will find that there are many that are also perfect for pop environments for youth rooms and even modern decorations.