Baroque Living Room Decorating

Baroque Living Room Decorating – Generally thought that Baroque decor is old and outdated, but nothing is further from reality. This style has been reinvented, and keeping the classical foundations, has introduced modern elements to rejuvenate and displayed much more current.

Then we will see a series of clues that will help with the decor of the room to make a great present Baroque atmosphere.

The materials are still the main players in this decorative style, although they have softened a lot. Velvet, silk or natural wood can not miss in your Baroque hall.

Baroque Living Room Decorating

Baroque Living Room Decorating

To modernize an environment you can combine these materials with other bright as ivory or bronze blend with your pomposity.

Color is very important in the Baroque style. Mainly the golden color is the star, although silver also gain prominence. These tones can make it stand out in combination with dark tones or neutral colors such as beige or gray. A more current and is achieved by combining bold metallic colors with bright colors like orange or fuchsia.

Speaking of colors, the walls should be neutral. White or beige are two excellent choices. The wallpapers are also excellent choices for the Baroque style. Decántate painted floral motifs to hit full paper.

Baroque Living Room Decorating

Baroque Living Room Decorating

Watch the forms and combination thereof. Generally the Baroque style is based on rounded to exhaustion, but have been introduced to modernize combinations with straight lines, resulting in an elegant and contemporary surroundings.

So you know, combines traditional forms of sumptuous baroque furniture with other straight and minimalist elements. The effect you’ll love.

Speaking of furniture, they should choose them as far as possible in dark colored natural wood. If you find elements with touches of iron as legs or small details, the better.

Find that they have gold or silver ornaments to be perfect for your Baroque hall. Chairs large armchairs backups or elegant materials are excellent choices.

Accessories is another supplement to take into account. The Baroque style tends toward the ornate to the extreme, but seeking the latest trends that has more space and better air circulation.

Wooden trunks, natural plants, mirrors and chandeliers forging, oriental rugs, vases, etc. To modernize the style you can put vinyl Baroque walls, use pictures with frames but classic geometric motifs or arabesques, flowers details on wallpaper, etc.