Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Just as there is a trend towards connecting the kitchen with living/dining areas for social reasons, so it is with the bedroom and bathroom designs. As families become more and more fragmented because of increasing time spent away from home pursuing work, study and pastime commitments, time actually spent in the home has become a precious commodity and the desire for the company of family members strong. The en-suite bathroom in modern tunes is a necessity rather than a luxury. Not only does it allow for bathroom functions to be carried out in privacy, but provides a more companionable ambiance if you wish.

If you are considering forming an en-suite bathroom where none has previously existed, you might think of cutting into the bedroom space if the conversion of an adjacent room is not feasible. If you choose to follow this route, take care not to compromise both rooms by spoiling the architecture of the bedroom and providing too small a space adequately to accommodate all the bathroom equipment you need. If space is very limited, building in a whole wall of cupboard units within the bedroom, one to house a basin and WC, another for a shower and perhaps a further one for hanging clothes may prove the most aesthetically pleasing configuration.

Bathroom Decorating Ideas For The En-Suite

Because the en-suite bathroom is likely to be for the sole use of the occupant(s) of the adjacent bedroom, it can be tailored to their needs without consideration for others. The adult en-suite bathroom can be styled without regard to the assaults a family bathroom is likely to undergo.

Wallpaper might be considered and the bedroom carpet continued into the bathroom (with mats to protect potentially wet areas). Pictures might be hung and more items of furniture incorporated. Drapes around the bath might also be considered. If this is your approach, ensure that there is adequate ventilation (to the exterior where practical) to prevent condensation. Internal bathrooms (without a window) are required to be vented and this is frequently operated automatically with the light switch.

En Suite Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

If the bathroom and bedroom are to work successfully together, their schemes need to relate, while at the same time maintaining their own individual character. An effective way of achieving this is by reversing the bedroom scheme in the bathroom – that is, taking the bedroom accent color and using this as the main color for the bathroom, and adopting the main bedroom color as an accent color in the bathroom.

As more and more husbands and wives now both work, bathroom ‘collisions’ become increasingly likely. To prevent these it is a good idea, where space and budget permit, for facilities to be doubled up. A double sink arrangement, a bath and a shower and two WCs will all help to make preparations for the day or for sleep a speedier and more convenient process.

For the ultimate in luxury, the inclusion of a dressing room in your suite, if at all possible, will not only free cupboard space in the bedroom but will also allow for one partner to dress without waking the other.

When planning a kitchen we are accustomed to thinking in terms of fitted furniture, so why not in the bathroom which also has to house unsightly equipment and cumbersome plumbing? A framed and paneled bath with drapes, a basin enclosed in a vanity unit, and built-in shelves around a hot water tank or to fill an awkward recess all help to relieve storage problems and give the bathroom a more streamlined profile.