Bathroom Decorating in Blue

bathroom decor in blue

Bathroom Decorating in Blue – Colors affect our State of mind, so if we choose them well we can benefit all. Today we will talk about the blue, which although it is a vivid color has calming effects and, on the other hand, produce a feeling of spaciousness in the decoration.

Philosophy Feng Shui, based on the peace of the mind, uses the color blue as water falling and favors the development of positive thinking. Blue is also associated with hygiene, freshness, and purity. It is for all this, reason why we chose this color for the bathroom. In this area of the House is one of the colors used by the memory sea and water, in addition to the relaxing feeling that immerses us. Sometimes mixed with natural materials such as wood in furniture and doors, since they combine perfectly.

Elements with which you can play to use this color in your bathroom are the tiles of the wall. Uses different textures and drawings to differentiate areas will be great! A color that is favored with the blue is definitely white, we can play with furniture, walls or any other element of decoration in this color, to continue the line of amplitude, freshness and calm.

bathroom decorating in blue

White is not the only option when combining blue, you can also use color pastel, grey, green… only you have to play with the tone to get that combination you were looking for.

What do you think of these options for your bathroom? see you soon! Please also read Japanese Decorating Ideas