Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

The bathroom is one room which is usually conceived as ‘ new ‘ because it is not expected to achieve it using recycled materials. In fact the success of certain styles like shabby chic, the industrial and the Provençal, have shown that even the bathroom can be furnished with salvaged materials and upcycling and that the result can be really satisfying.

DIY bathroom design is a very funny and creative, leaving room for fantasy and the desire to create unique manuals. DIY is not synonymous with ugly and uncared for, indeed, often the DIY projects to give character to the bathroom in a sophisticated and interesting.

DIY bathroom furniture with recycled materials: practical tips

This choice cannot point to a modern aesthetic, difficult to achieve with materials of this kind, but it is dedicated to those who love the contaminations and choose to create a hyper environment staff and original in its essence. The main inspiration can be the country style and industrial, with the inclusion of a few selected items of furniture.

First of all it is important to think of the coatings and adhesive tiles are proving very successful this season. Who knows search can attempt to provide games of ancient tiles or simply old, maybe stock funds that have not been sold because they are considered details in design and colors.

If it’s good quality tiles material sa reserve many surprises and can be used to coat the portions needed bathroom or near the sinks, toilets and even of the tub or shower.

After you click Finish, you can think of the introduction of a plane, or top, sink made with pallets or with old planks, a work that does not require a large expenditure of time and requires a good manual skill and prudence in the treatment of wood.

DIY bathroom Cabinet
The sink and the toilet may well have bought new Bill, but as far as the furniture you can take unexpected elements, like the upper portions of display cases or trunks, to stay in the bathroom space according to the creativity and imagination.

Instead of the classic bathroom towel racks, why not put a hook on the wall or free standing, maybe found in any recovery market and adapted to the chosen colors? And why not use metal hooks to hang towels to the wall, which have undergone a certain ambience and require a really balanced cost?

The bathroom created with recovered materials can then be completed with chandeliers and lighting systems that integrate past and present — with systems that know how to accommodate the led lamps, light and low consumption, but combining a vintage wrapper and perfect to complete the environment. The whole can be defined with a choice of colors of the walls, which can come close to pure white or dusty color if the choice falls on taste country or shabby, or write to Matt that saturated colors but accompanied the bathrooms in the ‘ 60 and ‘ 70.