Choose the Best Furniture For Patio

Choose the Best Furniture For Patio

Choose the Best Furniture For Patio

You’re a child of the outdoors, but you don’t have the time to be skipping off to go camping or fishing every other day. So do the next best thing: invest in some quality furniture for patio and decks and bring the outdoors to you. There are many different pieces that will add comfort and excitement to your patio; choosing the right ones depends on your own needs and taste.

Furniture for Patio Dining

A dining table and chairs are the centerpiece of your outdoor setup and can make or break your look, so choose quality goods. You can find tables and chairs to seat anywhere from 2 to 20 people. These tables can be round, square-shaped or rectangular and are manufactured using any number of sturdy, outdoor materials using different kinds of wood, metal and plastic. Some of the woods normally used for this purpose are teak, cypress, cedar and pine, while metals include aluminum and wrought iron. Plastic tables are made from durable poly resins, oftentimes recycled. Each material you use requires different maintenance but also conveys different feels. For example, wrought iron connotes a feeling of old-world elegance, but aluminum has a much lighter feel to it.

Furniture for Patio Relaxing

In addition to the main dining table and chairs, you’ll want extra seating for relaxing and having friends over, or just for enjoying the sunset. There are any number of seating option available, including benches and the iconic Adirondack chair. Many people instead choose swings, gliders and rockers, which provide the same comfort as a typical chair, but with the added relaxation and fun afforded by a moving seat.

Swings normally consist of a bench attached by a chain or wood beams to an overhead fulcrum, and can either hang from a porch or be freestanding. Most rocking chairs are designed for just one person and take the original form of the plain wooden, backed chair and add two curved rockers at the base. The rider simply pushes off from the floor and is propelled back and forth. Gliders are modified versions of the original rocking chair design. Gliders move back and forth on an oiled track in which the seat glides back and forth while the base remains still. The rider has to move their feet less, and the movement itself is slightly smoother, but these chairs are consequently heavier than rockers.

Furniture for Patio Gardening

Finally, there are furniture pieces that appeal to your inner green thumb to help your deck into your own Garden of Eden. If you lack the backyard space to have a full garden, or simply want to bring bright flowers and fresh herbs up to your deck, planter boxes are the way to go. They are like miniature gardens that can be micro-managed to control every aspect of your plants. They’re great for arranging your foliage in different ways, and you can separate different plants from one another that require various amounts of sunlight, water, etc. And you can find one for every look, as they can be made out of many materials, including clay, wood, stone and ceramics.

Finally, any gardener worth his salt will tell you the value of having a good workspace. Potting benches are the ultimate furniture for patio gardeners. They allow you to garden on the comfort of your deck while standing up, instead of stooping over in the dirt, aching back and knees. These simple structures have an elevated table for planting and potting while standing up so you don’t have to stoop over. In addition, they have shelves, drop trays, and usually a pegboard backing so you can keep all of your tools, soil and other equipment nearby. Potting benches are typically made from durable, weather-resistant woods, but can also be seen made out of poly resin and even metal.