Choosing a Duvet Ideas

Ideas for Choosing a Duvet – With the arrival of cold temperatures, he plays out the winter clothes and home textiles that provide more heat. This time, the duvets, charge profile a convenient option for sleeping that provides a great well-being on icy nights and that, in many households, it has replaced blankets. In the market, there is a very large catalog of models and is not easy to choose one that fits best with your tastes and needs. In this post, we give some clues to help you select the ideal to you duvets.

Firstly, it is essential to take into account certain important aspects, such as the climate of the area in which you live and the weight, which is the unit that measures the degree of heat capacity. And it is that in colder areas, it is preferable to opt for weights of more than 200 grams per square metre, while in warmer places just half that amount.

We can distinguish two kinds of filling in the duvets. On the one hand, they are the natives, which can be of pen or marker. And, on the other hand, synthetics, which are composed of fiber or Microfiber. The natural fillings, it is important to differentiate between the duvet or down, which is extracted from the chest and the abdomen of the duck or goose, pen, coming from other areas. Quilts that include more down that boom will have more insulating power and retain heat better. This is explained because the pen is not so fine and heat as the marker, that is commonly used a mixture of both.

Although long jumped the alarm and a group of researchers said that sleep with bird feathers causes pulmonary fibrosis, organizations such as the Organization of consumers and users (OCU) have ensured that sufficient evidence there is to recommend not using duvets or pillows. Moreover, the synthetic fillings mimic down and its heat capacity is very similar to this. Its great advantage is that they can be washed in the washing machine and do not affect allergy sufferers.

It is also essential to pay attention to the design of the duvet. The best is to be made into large squares, since thus facilitates the correct distribution of filling and, therefore, a suitable insulation. On the covers, there are countless models so that you can choose which you prefer. We recommend opt for those made with organic materials to prevent skin allergies. So important is the clothes we wear during the day, which is home to us during the night.