Choosing an Ideal Upholstery Fabrics

Choosing an Ideal Upholstery Fabrics – We will continue giving you some ideas so you can choose an ideal upholstery fabrics. Experts say that choosing only a fabric of the same color or pattern is not correct. The ideal is to get a good composition each of the fabrics give friendly look different and special.

We will then refer to some fabrics that you can keep in mind when you go to upholster.

Brocade type fabric

Fabrics made with threads of precious metals such as gold or silver, at present these materials, by their high costs are replaced by synthetic fibers are known with this name. They are characterized by being resistant. Used for the confection of curtains and several pieces of upholstery.

sofa design

Fabric Chenille

This name is used to assign to the fabrics that form a grid of small wires that are cut, has a velvety appearance. In some cases can be of cotton, wool, linen even though it is usually made with a blend of fibers. Used for both upholstery and the preparation of bedspreads.

Chintz fabric

It can be thick or thin fabric, one side is Satin with a synthetic resin to give it shine, this brightness is losing with washing. Today we will find this fabric in different patterns while the most common is the fine yarn cotton fabric. It can come with floral prints or sheets. Used for upholstery, curtains and cushions.

Corduroy fabric

It is a tissue that gutters and cut hair sticks. These poles can be of different thickness. It is used primarily for upholstery.

Fabric Cretonne

The original fabric called cretonne was made with a thick linen, nowadays this name is used to designate the most classic English fabrics. They are characterized by being very resistant and have a variety of designs. Used for the manufacture of blankets, covers and upholstery.