Tips to Choosing Curtains

Tips to Choosing Curtains – The most important thing when choosing curtains is that they go in line with the part or the room in which they will be. Curtains should be consistent with the surrounding environment. Not the first who commented, I know. But with the curtains this principle must be taken even more present. We must also bear in mind the close environment of the curtains. If we have a room with low rise vertical striped curtains give a greater sense of height. Another example is the uneven floors. In these cases, these same shades asymmetry break. In this case, the horizontal striped curtains with the best will strengthen and more.

Another example: the curtains with big reasons we use them for large parts that are spacious bright. In a small room overload the environment too. First measure and note the dimensions of the windows. And is that the dimensions of the piece and the curtains change the look of your piece. They are more important than we can imagine.

curtains decor

Measure the width of the window frame including first. For transparent curtains and ornaments the distance between the edge of the window and the end of the rod is generally 15 to 25 cm. Thus, for cutting the bar to measure the width requirements of the window and add between 30 to 50 cm. Overall for the amplitude of the curtains you must provide two to three times the length of the bar, but we know that will differ depending on the thickness of the tissue. The height will vary depending on the fall, if it is to the edge of the window or to the ground.

New in decoration are the linen curtains that are perfect to decorate a window or delimit a piece, and that let in light but protect eyes. The threads are aerial and blend perfectly with all interiors.

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