Choosing Plants for Balcony Decorating

Choosing Plants for Balcony Decorating – Not everyone can enjoy a garden at his home, where he can plant trees and flowers that always bring life to a House. But there are many floors and houses that are equipped with a balcony or terrace, in smaller dimensions, can be done as a garden and that both plants will serve as decoration. The most complicated part of this task is not usually care for the plants of our balcony, but choosing them correctly according to the characteristics of the terrace or balcony. And is that not all plants resist equal sunlight or the lack of sunshine, some can withstand longer without water than others, etc. So you can choose correctly, now we give you some tips on how to choose plants for your balcony.

Very sunny balconies

In the event that your balcony receives direct sunlight during most of the day, you will have to choose plants that require light and that can withstand the heat well. Some of which you can choose are:

-Geraniums: you can wear them hanging on the railing of the garden, or in planters.

-Petunias: they should be protected from the wind.

-Tulips: you can combine the different colors and get a nice result. Check here what are the varieties of Tulip.

-Roses: there are climbing roses that can put into railings and columns; shrubs, flowerpots and flowerpots from the edge, and the miniature who prefer the perimeter planters. We recommend to consult how to care for a rose Bush and how to prune it.

balcony plants

Balconies in the shade

If your balcony or terrace is not exposed to the Sun, plants and flowers that will serve as decoration can be:

-Begonias: you can combine different colors of small planters and place them on the railing or on the window sills of the windows.

-Joys: they must always be sheltered from cold winds.

-Camellia: it requires humidity and ventilation.

Balconies with Sun and shadow

For those balconies receiving sunlight during part of the day and the shadow for the rest, it is suitable to decorate with plants such as:

-Hydrangeas: it is recommended to protect it from the Sun in the afternoon and the colder winds.

-Bells: we must place on the East side of the terrace; i.e., which has Sun in the morning.

-Fuchsia: are spectacular hanging baskets placed on the balcony railings.

-Laurel: we can also opt for this shrub that will then serve in the kitchen. We have to protect it from the cold and dry winds, we recommend to consult our article on laurel to plant.


Choose plants of your balcony or terrace according to the characteristics.

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