Classic and Stylish Decoration

Classic and Stylish Decoration – If you want to have your home elegant and sophisticated décor, and also provide spaces of a traditional welcoming atmosphere, bet classic decoration. The classic style of decoration does not have to be boring and can give a touch of class to your home, with a unique style and personality.

Today we are going to give some tips so you customize your home with a classic décor and think unique luxury spaces.

1. Decoration in your kitchen

In classic decoration materials most used are the nobles, and predominate timbers such as beech, oak, mahogany and cherry tree, so your kitchen furniture must be of any of these materials, reminiscing to the antique furniture.

We recommend that you use countertops marble to give the place a more classical touch.

2. Decoration in your living room

Hanging chandelier lamps give elegance to the stay, and can be placed in different places, from kitchen, bathroom, corridor, bedroom, living room.

Uses light and soft colors such as beige, white, and gives hints of color that give the feeling of luxury and comfort. It gives exclusive spaces giving small touches of gold, red and green colors. Also small incisions in black can not miss, is the star of elegance.

Curtains are a very important element in classical decoration, use long and heavy fabrics curtains. It is also essential to the use of large carpets that adorn the floors.

3. Decoration in your bedroom

classic bedroom

In textiles, we have very skilled workers materials made of silk and velvet.

Classical decoration in bedroom tend to dominate the white, making the room is quiet and welcoming, and has sense of tranquillity.

4. Decoration in your bathroom

The use of abundant ornamental decorative elements is common even in the bathroom, the details are perfect frames to enhance the charm of the rooms of the House.

Abundant pictures and works of art, as well as of the mirrors, frames have to be large and showy.

The common materials in a bathroom classic style are crystals, porcelains and bronzes. Always with gilded finishes that give sophistication.

Bet for sleeker designs with touches of elegance and power with a classic décor in your home.