How to Clean the Terrace Floor

How to Clean the Terrace Floor – The terrace is one of the coolest areas of our home, perfect for recreation, to enjoy the days of warm weather, to have some plants and connect with our natural side and to decorate it in a great way giving a fabulous touch that we invite to relax. But it is also important to keep it in good condition, especially soil that tends to get dirty in an important way to be outdoors. So in here we give you some recommendations so you discover how to clean the floor of the terrace and leave it in perfect condition.

One of the most common materials in the soil of the terraces is dirt-resistant, baked clay and the ravages of the weather is perfect for outdoor spaces. And if you want to look perfect when it is time to clean the floor of your terrace, a great option is to wash it with water and a little bleach to remove stains. You can help with a broom to remove twigs and other objects, as well as for removing dirt stuck to the tiles.

Then rinse with water and apply a wax to terraces that will help you to protect your clay tiles avoiding the dirt from sticking to them.

terrace floor

Bricks are also a common material in the soil of the terrace, and deep cleaning requires a little more work to get good results.

Although you can usually clean it only with water, if you want to leave it impeccable mix water with detergent and rubbed bricks with this liquid and a broom that will help you to end up with dirt. Then to give a final touch connects two parts of turpentine, also called turpentine or essence of pine, with a linseed oil. It fills the floor with this mixture and leave to dry, you’ll see how your terrace of bricks is brilliant and flawless.

Cement is also a material commonly used in these spaces, so if you want to clean your terrace of cement soil and let impeccable in here we give you the solution. Make a mixture of water, a bit of vinegar, a detergent CAP and a cap of ammonia. Spread it on the ground and helping you with a resistant bristle broom clean, see as if you frequently do this cleaning your cement terrace is always impeccable.

If you want to leave also impeccable handrails and guardrails in addition to cleaning the soil from your terrace, you can put into practice this trick: remove dirt with a damp cloth, then passes a little oil on them and then a dry cloth, see how they look perfect.

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