How to Clean Wicker Furniture

How to Clean Wicker Furniture – Wicker furniture is a regular of the garden furniture, providing a very appropriate touch of warmth. However, braided Wicker fibers that form these furniture are a nest for dust if we do not know well how to clean them. If this furniture is dirty it will look sad and off. So you can avoid it, in this article we show you how to clean wicker furniture.


If the furniture of Wicker you want to clean is varnished, just use a steam cleaning machine to clean it. If, on the other hand, your furniture has a natural finish, follow the steps that you will learn below.

The first thing you should do is make sure you remove all dust from the wicker furniture. You can help a vacuum cleaner to remove the dirt between the fibers.

The next step you must take to clean your wicker furniture will be prepare a mixture of hot water and SOAP. Put mixture in a sprayer not MOP excess furniture and help of a cloth to clean all the furniture.

wicker furniture

If necessary, use a soft bristle brush to make deeper cleaning. Be sure to always move the brush in the same direction of the wicker to avoid damaging it.

Once clean, comes to let dry the furniture of Wicker in a place in which runs the air, but which does not give the Sun directly.

To end, and once dry the furniture, you can give a varnish finish if necessary. In this way your old wicker furniture will be like new.

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