Adding Colors to Small Space

Adding Colors to Small Space – When a room is small it is scary add color if the chosen colors converted the space into something even smaller, but this is not always the case. You can get that your space is much more appealing by adding color to a small space without hiring expensive services of an interior designer to help you because sometimes creativity can help you much more.

Today I want to explain some creative ways that you can add color to your small home and that at the same time you feel good with the results. Read on to find out what I bring to you!

Pastel colors

colors in Small apartment

You can add color to your walls with soft colors or pastel shades, and also add a bright color to give even more life to stay.

Accent wall

guest room

To add the color that you like in your small space can do so by incorporating a wall accent where fall all the color that you like (e.g. a green, red, Fuchsia, purple… the one you want!) to then combine with softer colours in the rest of the stay.

White background

If you clear the floor and white walls can choose two or three colors that decorate the entire stay. For example, if it’s a bedroom you can use a blue bedspread, purple curtains and other details in lime green… great!

Colors with plants

Sometimes with incorporate plants into the decoration is more than enough to add color to a small space. For example, if your room has light colors as dominant and you add plants with leaves green or colored flowers you’ll be adding vitality and good energy, wonderful natural colors.



Wreaths are a fabulous way to add color to a small space with light colors as dominant. Wreaths as well as bring joy to any room if you know how to choose good you can get an excellent decorative effect.

Do you think these ideas to add color to small spaces? With light colors as key you can get great decorative effects, do you think of something else to add color? Tell us your ideas that we love to read you!