Delicate and Dubtle Romantic Style

Delicate and Dubtle Romantic Style – This decorative style is starting to expand, getting more and more acceptance, this can be explained in that romantic style is able to get us drunk in positivity and calm, getting very personal results with distinguished and elegant touches. Both wooden and wrought iron furniture will be essential in this style. Mainly be used pastel colors and may include in these Baroque details, which combine perfectly with the romantic decor. The chester sofa can be the element that gives us that chic touch.

As for textiles, we must consider the use of various textures, but dominate the natural fabrics such as cotton or linen. Something that is common in all cases will be the integration of patterns of stripes, polka dots, pictures and flowers, which are the main protagonists of this style. You should try that these prints are small, so don’t make too with pastels from the rest of the stay.

These colors give a sensation of amplitude and clarity in the entire stay, which promotes calm and relaxation is ideal to feel more than comfortable at home. Lighting is a very important element in this style, so we will try to make the most of natural light. In terms of artificial lighting, the use of lamps of glass roof that combined with auxiliary lamps strategically placed to provide that extra light when you need it is ideal.

Accessories such as mirrors, candles, or candelabra, with baroque design and curved forms provide us that plus of romanticism to the area where we are placing them.