Essential Bathroom Decor

Essential Bathroom Decor – Today bathroom is beginning to take the importance that need in terms of decoration and this is a good thing since it is an essential part of our home and you will also have to be always clean and tidy so it give us welfare.

But in the bathroom there are some essential elements that can not miss in the decoration of any bathroom. When you go to buy the everyday things of life and household should take into account also buy those small details that make our life easier in the bathroom. Today I want to talk to you about those little things that are the most important decoration in this room. Don’t miss a detail!


Da like in pill form or dispenser that is but the bath SOAP is essential for any bathroom of neat people. Once I went to a home that did not have this SOAP and the truth that is very stressful… hygiene comes first!

bathroom decor

Towel rack

Where you put the towels to dry your hands if it isn’t in a towel? Absolutely essential for any bathroom.

A bag of dirty clothes

Where you put the dirty clothes to wash to get in the shower if you don’t have a bag or a bucket for the dirty laundry? In the soil? No please! Let us be something hygienic and have a bag for clothes that need to be washed.


Brushes for brushing your teeth, brushes for cleaning nails, brushes for cleaning the floor… the brush is hygiene!


Go to the bathroom and have no toothpaste is as a why? So I always have to be that you are using… and a spare just in case.

Ear sticks

Cotton ear sticks must not be in the bedroom, in the living room, or anywhere that is not a bathroom. You always have to be available! You can buy a nice dispenser to put it as decoration.

What else would add to this list of essentials for the bathroom?