Feminine Bath Decorating Ideas

Feminine Bath Decorating Ideas – The truth is that, in reality, this remodeling belongs to the bathroom of a girl. However, the owner, thinking that the girl is already becoming mayor and carry out a reform that is keep “up-to-date” in the long run, not has given that child character that we all expect in the bathrooms of the children. No matter, on the contrary. A space feminine, delicate and full of small details has left.

If we review a little images, we believe that we cannot be in the same space: there are more square meters in the later. In fact, it is that it is so, because the old bathroom was separate spaces. However, in reform, has chosen to pull that wall and the United space. Now already it does not give the feeling of being a small cubicle. On the contrary, and aided by the white base in the colors, the bathroom has gained in breadth and sense of space. A perfect idea if you girls already elderly or teenagers and need to do reform, transforming the bathroom into a perfect and feminine space.

The white base of the decoration, which is present in the furniture, walls, toilets, windows… has the perfect counterpoint in the dark touch of the wooden chair Thonet, the linen basket (this is love at first sight), or the structure of the small basket for soiled, we see in the corner.

Without a doubt, the detail of the coat rack, with that small shelf where to let things or objects that decorate the bathroom is a great idea. At the time I wanted to put one in my bathroom, but in the end I just don’t find that love me. However, this we see today is perfect for a rustic bathroom, as well as handy for linen, bathrobes and wet towels. Isn’t it?

The transformation of the toilet has been impressive. Undoubtedly to withdraw this wallpaper of flowers, which diminish the space with that tone so dark and a stamped as “invasive”, it has been one of the fundamental keys to get the final result bright and clear.

The elements that have been chosen are neutral and delicate. Why are perfect if you intends to create a space with a feminine touch without going over. The detail of the small frame..

In the area of the bath, a tile with retro-style change, but updated and a curtain with white background, but also dotted with flowers, are the elements that make a difference. Without a doubt, the renewal of parts (bathtub, WC…) is the basics in a reform of this kind. Unless your bathtub is one of those precious “of claws”, you will have to change Yes or Yes.

As I have mentioned at the beginning, this bath is designed for a girl, but without children’s details. Only warmth, a bit of wood, loving care in details and a chair with history (such as the thonet) end up providing that plus of closeness you need a child space. If you think the reform in this way, saving is great, because kids grow very fast and everything lags them in anything.