Feng Shui Bathroom

feng shui bathroom

Colors for the bathroom according to Feng Shui

Feng Shui Bathroom – A good Feng Shui in the bathroom provide purification and renewal, is a wonderful place to release the unpleasant things of life, leaving behind everything bad for proceeding with good. In this article I’ll give small ideas to keep your bathroom the Feng Shui rules.

Keep the bathroom well ventilated, clean and manageable, with good lighting and full of beautiful and pleasant colors like blues and Greens. Natural plants purify the air and bring the freshness of nature.

Do not put photos yours or your friends or family, not put images related to your work, personal projects or hobbies, the bathroom has to be a space where to disconnect from everyday life. If the bathroom is in the room close the door, you need privacy.

Green, blue and white colors in feng shui are especially beneficial for the bathroom. Green represents life, growth, and renewal, the Blue represents water that cleanses and purifies, as white which is a symbol of cleanliness and purity.

10 Feng Shui tips in the bathroom

1. the bathroom has to be pretty and practical
2 keep it well ventilated and with good smell
3. it has to be well lit
4. use beautiful and healthy as the Green and blue colors
5 decorate with natural plants that purify and renew the air
6. If you want to put photos or images that are pictures of nature, trees, flowers, seas, rivers
7 lower the toilet lid and close the bathroom door
8 arrange pipes or leaks from faulty water, this affects the flow of chi
9 garnish with some elements of wood to balance water
10. it increases the energy with a faceted glass