Garden Design by a Landscaper

Garden Design by a Landscaper – When a client has been contacted by the landscaper first thing you should do is visit the garden. If the House is newly built or is under construction you must see the dimensions of the future garden. If it is to change the garden that already exists or to improve it work will be more simple, although you may have to face a place look abandoned.

The second point is to talk with the customer, determine the use that will be at the garden, the design style, taking into account the type of building, if you have children or pets. It is important that the landscaper know the tastes and preferences of their customers. It is very important to have all the information needed to get good results in the design of the garden.

In a field notebook Landscaper, enter the information that the client will give you. The first visit to Iran with a tape measure or total station to carry out a survey of the parcel. The tape is used in smaller areas and station total in larger land (is a useful precision unit).

The landscape will be a sketch of the plot and the buildings we have. In this plane are added the measurements to be carried out later, called work of Cabinet, which allows one to generate a plane to scale of the place.

landscaper garden

In this sketch is mark where is the geographical North, if there are trees or other vegetation and because it is located. You must also sign the surrounding landscape and determine any topographic terrain accident.

It is advisable to perform a soil analysis to know the composition, texture and structure. So we will know with that type of soil is counted and if needed add few inches of topsoil, which is a land of quality which is purchased in bulk.