Guest Room Decorating

How to decorate a room for guests – When we have guests at home, one of the keys so that they feel comfortable is prepare them a room comfortable and cozy with all kinds of details. If they are relatives or friends of a lifetime, we know their tastes and it is easier to make them feel comfortable. But although they are less well-known guests, co-workers, distant relatives, etc. with a few tricks we can create a very special guest room.


If our home so permits, it is interesting to allocate a room for guests. You can also combine the use, for example use as office or room to make the iron when we have guests. If the room has another use, we should fill it as little as possible with junk, or have a method to clear it quickly if you have guests. It is advisable to have it always airy, with the bed covered with a blanket to prevent it is full of dust and to ensure that the younger members of the household do not use as a games room.

As is the case with all rooms, bed is the most important in our room piece, as always when one travels, it costs more to sleep and our guests will appreciate a good bed with good pillows and a firm mattress. It is better to make the bed the same day of the arrival of our guests, so the sheets and pillowcases smell clean. We recommend the use of a duvet, since in addition to being easier to make the bed, many people have allergies to Wool blankets. It is important to have a blanket or a quilt extra if it’s cold at night. Large colorful cushions placed on top of the bed and a patterned curtains will bring an air of joy to the room and a small table with a lamp on the side will help illuminate it more.

If guests are staying a few days, they should have enough room to store your clothes. This means drawers empty (at least two) and site in a closet to hang suits, pants, shirts and dresses. If the guest room has no wardrobe, you can purchase a bar with support at stores like Ikea and put a few hangers on this.

guest room decor

We must not impose our liking on our guests, carrying posters, large pictures or strange sculptures room or decorating the walls with striking paint or print paper. It is preferable to choose neutral colors for walls and hang with a couple of pictures framed landscapes or posters of things simple and neutral. There are tastes for everything, and those of our guests do not have to coincide with ours. It is interesting to put a good mirror, an alarm clock and a chair with a light side done can relax or read.

Finally, place a vase of fresh flowers on top of the vanity. They can be the garden flowers, don’t need a formal bouquet. Another detail is to put a small bowl of fruit, a bottle of mineral water and a glass and a small package of cookies if at some point in the evening our guests feel hungry but not feel confident enough to go and get something out of the kitchen.

Finally, we must not forget to put a set of towels for each guest. It is preferable to place them in a toallera room, where can hang them after bathing. If in addition can offer it a bathrobe, feel still most pampered.