Home Staging Trends for Fall

home staging

Home Staging Trends for Fall – Now we talking about Home Staging (by the way, if you are interested in the subject don’t miss the tips that the girls of Wannaone gave my colleague Coralia) and are not the only ones! There is no blog of national decor that boasts that no us of good ideas so that the appearance of our homes is much better when it comes to selling them. This time is the blog Boho Chic Style who gives us some recommendations that we must not take on deaf ears and even offers to decorate our spaces and get selling them or renting them much better.

The blue bike, despite the name, is released by one of the colors of the season, the dark green. The dark green, or a bright Emerald mint of past seasons, a color that transports us to a lush forest inside or a lake. Trends as applied it on a single wall or combine it with wood and white is something that surely will see in many decorations.

My house is not dolls inspire us with interiors filled with warmth but very clean, no overload decorative. We return to the “less is more”, that we like. Houses vivid, warm homes and home full details but without strain.

Bright with dark woods and in shades of honey, much white furniture and sofas and furniture comfortable and sober, with a huge personality, as the cover of today’s entrance.

But if we talk about inspiration and inspirational, the blades of the Australian, Vee Speers, who presents the Garbatella blog are the Palm. This photographer who began taking pictures of his daughter has become famous by its children. Sure that the girl with the bird in the hand have already seen it more times.

As of custom decorative week-exception in the majority of national blogs. If you have any favorite blog do not hesitate to tell us about it, we love that discover us new decorative paradises! As always wish you a happy Sunday and see you the coming (decorative) week.