How to Decorate a Room with Low Light

lighting room

How to decorate a room with low light – The room lighting is essential when decorating. A room decorated with little light incorrectly will we have a dark and unwelcoming space. So you can avoid this, in this article are some tips to decorate a room with low light.

If you have a room with low light, it is paramount that you paint in light colors. White is the light that will give more room, but you can also choose some pastel tone very clearly. Keep in mind that warm colors bring the feeling of filling the space, while cool tones bring a sense of open space and freshness.


Mirrors are a great way to decorate a room with low light. If you put in front of the window, will bring light to the room. You can also place a mirror in front of a lamp, as it will cause a similar effect.


The choice of furniture in the room will have a direct impact on the decoration of a room with low light. It is advisable to go for a minimalist style with furniture and a few that are not too bulky. Furniture straight and simple lines bring light colored spaciousness to the room.


The floor of the room is another key to make it brighter. A dark floor, slate or tile wood in black tones make the placement a little light. By contrast, a light wood help distribute the light.


Instead of using curtains to decorate a room with low light using blinds is recommended. The blinds allow light more easily transferred while avoiding the prying eyes of neighbors.

Accessories can also be key in turning a dark room in a room full of light. The light touch can get putting cushions or carpets of different light colors. As for the bed, the best thing to do is decantarte light colored sheets that go in line with the rest of the room.

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