How to Decorate Mirrors

How to Decorate Mirrors

How to Decorate Mirrors

A wall mirror can happen to look plain and boring to become the main attraction of your home decor. Mirrors are very useful to decorate walls, pump up the driveway or highlight a space. The first thing to do to decorate your mirror is to know what materials decorate as desired. Usually this response is determined by the area in which you place the mirror if the room can make use of beads, tiles, wood, spoons, forks, paint, fabric scraps, stained glass, recycled material, etc. The options are as endless as your creativity.

After choosing the theme of your decor you should measure your mirror. Know the dimensions of the mirror are going to decorate lets you know how much material you need to buy or collect to decorate. Calculate how many centimeters wide and long’ll decorate and based on that purchase your materials.

Place the mirror on a large or where you go to do the work table decoration. Grab the materials you’re going to decorate and begins to test a design. You can make a traditional oval frame, curved, irregular design: you want! The important thing is that you find a design you like.

Once you have the design to decorate your mirror, you must remove materials and place it on the table, it is time to start hitting. You can use special paste for glass or glue gun. You can start adding a little glue in the mirror and then go placing materials or you can also add a little glue directly on the material onto the mirror.

Once you’ve finished pasting material you should hold the mirror tape, can be what you use to protect your walls ara when you go to paint. Lining the entire design to it firmly in the mirror and expected to pass at least a day. Then remove the tape and check if it is necessary to do some retouching. Otherwise, your mirror is ready to be hung. If you have your mirror lined with some delicate material such as cloth, do not do this step.

If you’re going to decorate a mirror for the bathroom tiles they are the ideal material, because they are usually widely used in the walls of this area of ​​the house and will create contrasting textures, colors and original figures.

To decorate a mirror you will hang in the living room, colored glasses are ideal. Since they are very striking, stuck with almost all the decorations and colors available they are so infinite that you can find the perfect combination to highlight your furniture.

If you want to decorate the mirror of your driveway grommets allow you to make an elegant, simple and delicate edge that provide harmony that characterizes this part of the house. You can choose the color of comb a tone that contrasts with the color of the wall or the tone of your decor.