Ingenious Idea to Decorate Child’s Bedroom

Ingenious Idea to Decorate Child’s Bedroom – Today I leave you with an idea to decorate a child’s bedroom. If your child is becoming greater, it is logical to change the decoration as a result. Little by little wedge and other accessories for babies, will be disappearing to give rise to a space of an infant, a teenager… etc.

In this case the child bedroom has the essence of childhood, thanks to the family of owls that we see in the wall, combined with a bed for one older child. As you can see, the idea is striking and easily achieved, with a little time.

The colors are the violets and pinks. A wall painted in a color light and with a large decorative vinyl, will star in the space. Both trees and owls also can be painted, that is you draw well. It is also an idea to use templates to create beautiful drawings, then you only have to paint on the inside.

The collection, in this case, sondos beautiful trees United by a kind of rope. On the rope, perched, a family of owls is happy. Under this vinyl, we found a shelf in white color, which helps to sort the place. You can find these shelves at Ikea at very reasonable prices.

Even side opens to the bed, dressed in purple and white, which combines perfectly with the seats that we see on the left side. Soft seats for children, who can use it to read or play.

To isolate growing cold in the next season, we see two round rugs. One larger than another and very fluffy, share a range of colors, but not of tonality. Rosa stick pretty well with the violets and purples we see to your around.

It is an idea that is easy to decorate a children’s area, using a bit of paint, a few vinyls, shelves into their things and a bed for older children, we will achieve change the decoration rapidame