How to Illuminate Your Garden

How to Illuminate Your Garden – Garden lighting is an aspect that we have to take into account to make it the most during the night. It is necessary that the lighting meets two functions: allow move at night and give prominence to the characteristics of the garden to create a different space.

In the Garden we will begin by illuminating step areas to avoid the stumbles and falls. You can choose any model that glows with the step automatically. Motion detectors are very useful and easy to place.

From the point of view of decoration proper lighting improves the aesthetics of the garden, you can place it in the flower beds, statues, facades. Correctly choose the places where you are going to use lighting and get good effects. You can place a portable projector.

When you choose the appropriate points of light think the style that want you to give to the garden. Design lamps will go to perfection in a modern House, the aluminium are better homes more rustic and classic. He thinks that exterior lights must maintain harmony in the garden both day and night.

Entrance to the garden lighting can be appliques, a good option is to place it on both sides of the door with down lighting. If the entrance is narrow select a descending wall containing a motion detector. If the exit to the garden is under a roof overhang you can place a suspended lamp or an exterior ceiling.

To illuminate an area of step you can use any lamp or a Terminal. Usually placed a lamp every five metro, although the distance may depend on the power and the winding road.