Kid’s Bedroom Decorating

kids bedroom

Kid’s Bedroom Decorating – The schools, so maybe it’s time to put his hand on his old bedroom, to optimize the space even for study. For families it is always difficult to find an idea that will help to design the environment in order to get everything you need. So here is a nice solution for three brothers. The United States are two adjacent rooms, thanks to a classic, but wide arched opening in style with the Vintage House. The Chamber has become definitely spacious, but three could not just clutter up instead with a bunk, found space for a large L-shaped desks.

The beds fit together like a tetris, with the necessary protections for the safety of children. The radiator was covered and flanked by a convenient bench with drawers and containers. But mostly the area with tables and the Whiteboard, make this room, the ideal room for games and study.

The materials and finishes are in natural tones: a warm parquet floor, a pale blue on the walls, furniture and boiseries colour lacquered cream. Note the legs of the desk: are the initial letters of the three boys!

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