Feng Shui for Kid’s Bedroom

Feng Shui for Kid’s Bedroom – Already you have counted on the importance having in decoration the provision of furniture and practical details as ventilation or the colorful decoration to harness the positive energy. This is decorate with Feng Shui, an ancient science that applies the doctrine Taoist aesthetic decorative to improve life.

Ventilation Feng shui

An important part of the application of Feng Shui for child’s bedroom is to maximize ventilation and this can be achieved by using large windows that can be opened during the day so that the room is always fresh. If there are not so many windows, aromatherapy can be used to infuse flavours that have positive influence on the mood such as Mint, basil, cardamom.

Feng Shui and clarity of the bedroom

against what many might think, the best colors for the infantile decoration are not always the most vibrant. Colors in soft tones cake and filled with light are perfect for the clarity of the child’s bedroom. You have to choose beautiful colors but having qualities that relax and stimulate the thinking child if that bedroom also has a homework area. The best colors are pastel pink, the celestial light, softer tone yellow, the lighter shades of green, among other clear and soft tones.

kid's bedroom

Feng Shui in the child’s bedroom

It is important in Feng Shui, the arrangement of the furniture and also the technological equipment which is used. This course is important in Feng Shui for child’s bedroom, logically. It should focus on the advantage of having no television or computer and audiovisual games in the bedroom, it is better for the child to use the computer in another area of the House during the day.

Regarding disposition of furniture, the bed is the main unit of the stay, must apply the basic principles of Feng Shui how does not place it in direct line with the door, always place it against a wall, and avoid putting it against a window.
Feng Shui lighting

Light is important in this and other bedroom of the home, under the guidelines of Feng shui. Natural light is that we must take full advantage. And in terms of artificial light should focus on the use of a ceiling for the total illumination lamp when needed and a table lamp dimmer when such lighting is not required.

There is much more that you can take advantage of Feng Shui in the child’s bedroom, you will be later, but these tips are basic to achieve a cozy bedroom and take advantage of the positive at the same energy.