Kitchen Shelves Decorating

Kitchen Shelves Decorating

Kitchen Shelves Decorating

Kitchen Shelves Decorating – The shelves are good in the kitchen to place things in a more orderly manner and gain amplitude. They can also give a touch of joy and color to a kitchen, especially if used for placing objects or colorful foods.

There are many types of shelves with different prices and clamping systems. Choose the type of bucket and ties according to the weight and type of object that you are placing in them. Then we are going to explain step by step how to put the kitchen shelves.


  • Measure with meter height to what you want place the shelves. The measure can be taken with respect to the floor or ceiling.
  • Mark on the wall the points of support of the shelves using the level so that they are straight. You also have to check measures between shelves thinking of things you want to put in them.
  • Make holes with the drill using the bit according to WAD you are going to place on the wall.
  • Tie brackets with screws previously placed blocks and check if are leveled.
  • Hang shelves on brackets and you’ve already finished your placement.

What You need

  • a drill
  • a screwdriver
  • a level
  • a metro


The shelves can be purchased at any large DIY store.