How to Light a Living Room

How to Light a Living Room – Good lighting is very important in any room in our home and in the classroom also because it is, along with the kitchen, of the most used rooms. A well-lit room will allow you to develop all activities there’s way more comfortable and cozy.

Although it will also depend on the size of Hall and the entrance of natural light, which you should keep in mind when you light up the room is very simple:


  • You are looking for lamps and lighting fittings allowing you to generate different possibilities of lighting.
  • The ideal is to be able to combine three types of lighting in the Lounge: general, environmental and punctual.
  • General lighting gives a couple light for all salon and does not generate shadows. You can achieve this central lighting with a ceiling light or recessed fixtures generating several points of light.
  • General light is placed in the central area where also tend to move the table or sofa, if you don’t use a lamp pendant medium height, neither very high nor very low for this area.
  • Punctual lighting is to highlight certain areas or objects, from a display cabinet or library to a picture.
    How to Light a Living Room

    How to Light a Living Room

    The led light is very bright, and you can use it to highlight a corner of the living room, like the halogen which give an intense white light.

  • Ambient lighting is more subtle and generates a game between light and shadow that is useful to delineate different areas of the Hall.
  • For this lighting use floor and table lamps in units that are also perfect if you have a reading area in your living room.

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