Making Your Living Room More Brighten

Making Your Living Room More Brighten – Decorative projects in which we can see the before and after are perfect to get interesting decorative ideas, and discover that many times it is really easy to give a new look to any room. Ignoring the fact that photographs of the later are always much better, clear. That is precisely the case of this project we show, the before and after of a bright room, where he achieved a spectacular transformation, from a rather normally Hall to a room full of colorful and fresh.Recently we discovered to the Interior Designer Emily Henderson, and the truth is that we have fallen in love us almost of all its projects instantly, thanks to its good make, but also helps the fact that is usually documented to perfection the before and the after, something that we love.

In this case the project has been to transform a rather bland living room in a beautiful room full of color and beautiful details. The brightness already had it, thanks to the many windows, so it has basically consisted in changing some decorative elements and some furniture.

One of the most important and most striking changes was the replacement of the sofa and carpet. They have been replaced two couches – very similar between if but not equal, something which can create a sense of chaos – by a single model with chaise lounge in a neutral gray color, thus gaining in space and providing a more modern touch. The intense blue of the carpet and the geometric figures end round and set the chromatic range of the entire stay.

Says Emily is important when faced with a radical change of this type have very clear the range of color that you want to use, to maintain some consistency in the whole, and the truth is that it leads to letter, and at the end it shows. In this case it has opted for blue and gray tones to achieve a youthful, fresh and calm atmosphere.

Another interesting change that has taken place has been on the wall on which the television. To be so empty wall, attention was fixed on tv, so different films and paintings were purchased and settled around this, in such a way that it went much unnoticed. The television Cabinet fit perfectly, so has remained unchanged.

Special mention for the seat hanging Wicker with metal base, recovered by good price of second hand and perfected to decorate a corner of the room that would be not used for anything else perfectly. In addition to the useful which may result as a reading corner.

We can not dismiss without also mentioning the good taste that always has Emily Henderson when placing plants in rooms that transforms.