How to Make a Room Look Larger

How to make a room look larger – For some years, the price of this very high floors and many people with his salary may not aspire to a very large House. The result is a house or a room that has few square feet. But this is no problem, because taking into account details such as furniture and the color of the walls, can make it look more wide and large. To achieve this just follow the tricks that we suggest you how make a room look larger.


When it comes to furnishing a small apartment, you must try that the furniture will allow you to do various activities and containing storage space, to avoid having to buy many furniture and save space. For example, beds with canape or sofas that allow to save things below are very useful.

Put them, don’t make the mistake of placing the furniture stuck against the wall, to save space. This is a misconception that most of the people made, it is best to have furniture in the form of triangle to give amplitude. Discover here how to place furniture in a room.

The walls

If you want to give light and breadth to your room you must use light colors to paint the walls. Light colors such as white, yellow, grey and blue clear make room seem larger. Conversely, dark colors make the room look smaller.

But if dark colors attract you and you want to paint any corner of your House with them, a good trick is the paint with a dark Hall. So you accentuate the brightness in the adjacent room and this will be broader. The colour of the walls will influence very much, for what we recommend to consult our article on how to paint your home according to the psychology of color.


To give more visual space to your room, use mirrors and glassware, such as a table. Mirrors reflect light and expand the fourth, giving the impression of depth. And glass tables allow you to see the floor and other furnishings that are in the room.


Another trick to keep the lit room, as well as the distribution of furniture and the color of the walls, is to extend further than the window frames curtains rod. In this way more light enters and deceives in view, because it is believed that the window opening is greater. You will learn more about how choose the type of lighting.

living room decor


It avoids the mess of the room, objects block the view and they can make the room appear smaller. If different room accessories are of different colors, you must organize them according to their color, so the atmosphere will be visually more ordered.


In addition, the decorative elements and other ornaments that you place in your stay will also influence and will make your room seem greater than it is, or, on the other hand, is seen as an accumulation of things. Here we explain in more detail how to decorate a small room.