How to Make Space in a Small Bathroom

How to Make Space in a Small Bathroom – Some time ago that the bath ceased to be a forgotten House place. Today it is a place with many possibilities, where you can store clothing and other utensils. Here is some suggestions pair get a fantastic bathroom.


    • If your bathroom consists of a stack of hand, you can opt for canviarla a pile of marble reconstructed. The placement of a closet will earn all the lower part of this pair. In the save products of cleaning, towels, clothes, etc. If the site allows place two batteries of 35 cm. So you will have a simultaneous bath
    • Other space in the bathroom that we forget, is the upper part of the door. This space can be used to place another cabinet or a bookcase. and thus have more space.
    • Any piece of furniture placed in the bathroom, should be (for reasons of hygiene, functionality and maintenance) lacquered or plywood on plastic. In terms of color will depend on the general approach but if you do it in white will combine easily with ma.
    • Individual racks and double coat racks behind the doors, comprise the right place for placement of towels and bathrobes that always are handmade.
    • Finally if you have a free corner you can place a basket that will come in very useful for clothing and dirty towels.

bathroom space

  • Shower curtains can be used but opt for a shower of glass that create a subtle visual dividing between their main area and your shower or bath in the bathroom. Use frosted patterns that give privacy.
  • Mirrors can occupy the entire wall or hang in decorative frames as well as illustrations, consider what will be reflected. Mirrors opposite a window will reflect the light and the landscape, while a mirror on the other side of the bathroom linen cabinet can not give you the impact you are looking for.
  • Do not put anything on the ground, a small bathroom needs space to move without tripping over anything that is on the ground.

That’s a small tips on How to Make Space in a Small Bathroom .And don’t  miss the article about Apartment in Rio de Janeiro