Materials for Kitchen Decoration

Materials for kitchen Decoration – As with the ingredients of a recipe, the materials that make up the interior of a kitchen are relevant to the style of this decoration. The sight and touch of these make “recipe ingredients” of the decor, and we can create a more or less friendly, modern kitchen and lively depending on the type of material you choose and the tone of it.

Of course the material of choice for fashion accessories is also important. These act as the spices in a bowl, offering interesting nuances to the final result. Do you intend to have a modern, traditional or original kitchen? Discover the main materials for the kitchen.

Wood Scandinavian style kitchen

Traditional wood used in kitchen offers a full result of functionality. With a wooden kitchen kitchens we can create different styles, not just classic. If you want, for example, have a Nordic-style kitchen, wood furniture in white will be a good starting point.

This style knows revalue the nobility of wood through a design line of pure and simple shapes. To complete the atmosphere, white lights, some shelves and stools minimalist design. For tableware, white porcelain modern shapes and glass elements are welcome. In this type of space lighting is essential, so do not hesitate to place lights in the lower parts of the wall units to prevent shadows occur.

Stainless steel for an industrial environment

Give input to steel industrial style kitchen. This material is perfect for that decorative style that seeks to combine the traditions of yesterday with the conveniences of the modern design, functional kitchens for the day.

kitchen decorating

For countertops choose natural wood or laminate that mimics the natural wood finish. In the rest of the furniture will star steel: Angles, door frames, metal racks, etc. In this type of urban space objects (recovered) are welcome: bricks, pictures of large cities, old advertising boards, etc.

Other materials for the kitchen

Stone: Stone in dark version is a perfect material for a modern kitchen. Combined this with white furniture creates a perfect contrast to create an eclectic design space.

Cristal. This material is the perfect partner for smaller spaces. The crystal accessories placed on shelves and furniture does not detract from the atmosphere light. Doors with glass are also perfect to increase the feeling of spaciousness and light. Decorative items such as vases, plates or jars are ideal details.

Concrete. This is the new Star material rustic kitchens. It is used for low furniture, countertops, columns, etc.

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