Minimalist Modern Apartment Style

modern apartment

Minimalist Modern Apartment Style – There is no more interesting stylistic exercise which decorate two identical houses, in a different way. This apartments of 40 meters are part of a project of rental housing already furnished executive or expatriates are passing through big cities, and designed by the Russian architect Konstantin Entalcev.

A sober and balanced style based on the always safe and elegant combination of grey and white. The bed was isolated in a glass box that favors the vision of all space, comprising, in addition, living room, dining room and kitchen.

The key to version more classical and romantic is in the studied use of lilac tone in textiles. Flooring wood flooring, curtains by color falls arena and some stylistic details give this space a strong romantic personality, that is far from the other apartment, despite having the same distribution.

This different perspective of the living/dining room refers to a well known Nordic style, with chairs Eames as protagonists of the dining room, Birch wood, as well as the soil, a basic material in the Scandinavian interior design.

The upholstery in shades of sand and wood Wenge, neutral and somewhat impersonal elements, are dotted with touches of color and classic pieces, breaking the seriousness of the combination. Striking the lamp’s glass ceiling and the fireplace with marble classical mouthpiece.

Modern housing, was elected a black kitchen of straight lines, with stratified DM’s high-gloss cabinets and countertop of Quartz. A small space very well spent, with floor to ceiling wardrobes.