Modern Small Bathrooms Design

small modern bathroom

Modern Small Bathrooms Design– The space, the great problem of modern homes. Every time we have less space and every time we have more Modern Small Bathrooms Designs to find solutions to the interiors of our homes. But today the signing specialist Laufen bathrooms is going to lend a hand to solve the problems of space in small bathrooms.

This has launched a series of rooms compact bathroom with plenty of character. The collection presents a fresh and unconventional elements that become the fourth smallest bathroom into a space full of prominence. This will become an important place in our home thanks to the solutions of the Mimo collection.

It is not always easy to create a charming space in a small bathroom, but compact and interesting elements of the series Mimo help us achieve a very simple way. Their undulating forms and brightness of your surfaces are largely to blame for this rejuvenating bath. The collection includes everything you might need for this space: sinks, toilets, furniture, … All in a compact size.

By available, we have even a small tub. In small bathrooms is not always advisable, but it is so lovely to the touch that will give the bathroom a few meters offset that will capture more. The star material in this bathroom is the porcelain. Although there is something that stands above it, and so is the current taps that incorporates Mimo series. It is the responsibility of specialist valves SimilorGroup.

As sure as you have seen, every detail in the bathrooms of the series Mimo has taken care to perfection. And it’s no wonder, because in small bathrooms every meter and every detail count. So with the care and pampering (pun intended) that the collection has all the elements, we can not get anything other than a bed and full bath prominence.

To close the article we have prepared a selection of images with compositions bathrooms that have been created with elements of Mimo collection. This way you will get an idea of the charm that you can enter in your home thanks to this interesting collection and Laufen.

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