Nautical Bathroom Decor

Nautical Bathroom Decor – Summer is a season full of vitality and energy. We transport that joy to our bathroom with some simple steps. You’ll see how these tips give a new air to your bathroom.

Our idea of ​​decorating the marina will apply on the furniture of the room. We we have conducted on a comfortable, but you can use the same technique for other bathroom furniture.

To make this decorative technique will need the following materials:

• Roll sticker paper blues

• Plastic spatula

• Spray with water

• Shells and starfish

• Latch the marine style

And the steps that we will perform are:

1.For the top of the dresser, cut the contact paper the size of the furniture. Need not take action because the adhesive on the back you’ll find a grid that will allow you to cut freehand.

2.Vaporiza comfortable surface with water.

3.Despega the adhesive side and place it on top of the dresser. Thanks to vaporized water you can adjust more or less adhesive.

4.With plastic spatula, the middle to the ends of the cabinet by removing the air bubbles and / or water which may have occurred.

5.Si a bubble can not be removed with a needle pínchala and with the help of the spatula brings air from the inside to the hole you just made.

6.Repite these operations in the front of the drawer and on the sides of the cabinet.

7.Retira shooters before and placed the new.

8.Decora upper cabinet shells.

9.Coloca shells and stars in different parts of the bathroom to increase the marine atmosphere.