Nerustico Interior Decorating Style

Nerustico Interior Decorating Style – The neorustico style is all a trend in interior design as a result of the turn of trends past as vintage, rustic, chic shabby, etc. Get mixing rustic with other more current design is the crux of the matter in the neorustico style which began to prevail in the decoration of interiors.

Here we show some of the most important keys to consider when we launch a project of interior d├ęcor with neorustico style:

Make the new look rustic

A rustic stay will have much more character with a good wooden floor. However, it is important to take care of the details and choose a soil whose appearance is a so much rustic. You can find rustic hardwood floors at practically any store, and even choose ceramic floor tiles inspired by the wood as you can see in the following picture of the ceramics firm Spanish Gayafores.

nerustico decor

Combining new and rustic
Neorustico style is achieved by the contrasts so don’t hesitate to use furniture of modern design as a chair with simple lines or a sideboard from steel. A good trick so that also the decoration project is not too expensive is to use IKEA furniture as opposed to other elements that you can find in antiques stores.

Restore furniture
An antique furniture, duly restored but maintaining its essence and even small defects can become the center of a neorustica project. There are even slightly moth-eaten and furniture treated to make them look who maintains the years that have passed through it.

Classic colors
Although the current touch can be added with a color fluor, rustic style has always been identified with earth colors, ochre… and what’s new with white colour, steels… It’s maintain this dichotomy between objects of wood and antique Brown and the modern ones in shades of white to achieve a space with a balance between both styles.