Nordic-Style Decorating Ideas

Nordic-style: bright, functional and simple – Nordic style has gotten into our homes with great force, increasingly those who decide by this option. Her secrets: lightness, simplicity and functionality. This style comes from Nordic countries who have very little natural light as a result of its climate and geographical location, so they need that their decoration is very bright. All this makes this feature the epicenter of this decoration, and get more followers all over the world every day.

Simplicity is another essential element in the Nordic style, the beauty of the simple flooded spaces in this type of decoration. Few ornaments in all kinds of furniture, usually straight lines both accessories. Another feature will be the white color, which will flood all the rooms, it is perfect to reflect light, achieving a multiplier effect. You can use this color on walls or furniture.

We can integrate the touch of color in accessories and other elements such as sofa, cushions and other textiles, which will provide a fresh and youthful air space. Although used much also black color to create contrast.

Nordic style incorporates very feminine touches. Gets a romantic, classic and elegant appearance which makes it ideal for any space: bedroom, living room, kitchen…

How about this style? We hope that with these tips you will be easier to integrate this style at home

see you soon!