Old Suitcases Decorating Ideas

Old Suitcases Decorating Ideas – Old suitcases are great items to create attractive accessories decorative or even furniture to be used. As on other occasions, we have spoken to pet beds, today I leave two ideas that can easily be made at home.
I propose today two great ideas, to recycle old bags and give a different touch to your home. Need a seat? As you can see in the first picture that I propose, the suitcase acts as a super seat or bench.
A very well worked and seat with a great result, which we can include in rooms such as bedrooms or lounges. In this case the suitcase is hard, old, and not too big. In a color that was heavenly, they have put the padded seat; also have placed fabric stuffed and upholstered in the backrest. To further beautify the whole, they have placed feet in the area under the suitcase.
These legs can be wooden blocks either buy them with a nice shape. On this occasion they have painted them white, to go to play with the part above the result? a unique and fluffy, seat which anywhere obvious.
The next and final image, shows how an old suitcase can be used to create a table. This time, to recycle the old suitcase has been painted white. With a thick layer and reaching all corners, this case goes on a small table also in the same color. The mounted object, a great lamp for night, a candle and a glass with a flower bottle will do the rest.
As you can see both are great ideas for recycling these items we have at home and don’t know what to do with them. Does not need that you separate them, but if you can get a good match what you think?