Patchwork Technique Decoration

Patchwork Technique Decoration – Today we inform a very booming decoration technique today, due to their relationship with the current DIY (Do it Yourself) “Do it yourself”. The Patchwork technique arises from the need to recycle old clothes, because of the scarcity of resources in North America more than 150 years ago. Later joined this technique to decorate the home through the manufacture of blankets and decorative pictures and that’s where comes this new style.

Despite its origins linked to poverty, this practice has become today a very original style that allows total freedom of expression who use it and create unique and cozy spaces.The word path means patch, hence this style combines various scraps of fabrics for creating unique and original pieces.

patchwork technique

Said, it is evident that the manufacture of decorative pieces with this technique is relatively simple. It is precisely in the imagination and creative freedom where you will find the charm of this style.

That Yes, elements as bright and colorful as this must be integrated into environments with a style that accompany them: romantic and something rustic furniture walls with decorative motifs in flowers and curtains or carpets that go inside the young and natural style of decoration.

Any creative ideas to implement with the Patchwork?