Pots Decorating Ideas

Pots Decorating Ideas – If you are looking for ideas to decorate your home pots, I propose today two of them. Very easy and simple, both can be used without problems in pots of different materials. This time I present two ideas, first we use fabric to cover the container and in the other we used chalkboard paint.

Both are very well finished and are very useful for decorating our favorite corners. The first idea, the lining the entire pot, we can use both cloth and paper. Choose any fabric that you like, it can be any clothing you have or even of a great tablecloth that you had and broke it (choose fabric that you like)

Now, to cover and decorate the pots, first and foremost we have to clean it very well. In both cases attempts to pass a cotton ball with alcohol and clean the surface to paint or cover. In this way we make sure that there are no traces of dust, dirt or other types of impurities, making it not well stick paper or that the result is worse.

Pots Decorating Ideas

If inside dirty sand, you can use a brush to eliminate all what you can. Once clean, view lined with cloth or paper. The best way is to cut out pieces of fabric, apply white glue (also making it onto the surface of the pot) then paste the fabric and gives the way you want. Ve hitting one after the other and so lined with different types of paper or the same, all the pot.

If you prefer the painting of slate, this gives you fun when it comes to decorating possibilities. Add an enmascarmiento tape, or masking tape to avoid paint what we don’t want. Then he painted the area desired and ready, leave to dry and you’ll see that you can paint with white chalk or coloured. This is useful to put the name of the plant, for example do you think?