Wall Mirror for Small Apartment Decoration

wall mirror

Wall Mirror for Small Apartment Decoration – Today I bring you a smart solution for small spaces, if you live in a small apartment and many of the spaces would you like to be multi-functional so you can enjoy the maximum of an apartment with all the comforts, this DIY you will love.

In a small space, it is always useful to have multifunctional furniture which can be folded down when required. Turn your living room into a dining room or your bedroom into a study area are necessary solutions. This DIY is perfect for this purpose, a table mirror, or a folding table where you can eat or study than when you don’t it have to become a beautiful wall mirror that does not occupy anything, and in addition to beautify your home.

This desk that turns into a mirror that is very easy to make. A double table fastened with hinges between if and on the wall in this way be able to open and close comfortably. It is subject in the wall with hooks that will keep it closed, as you see in the picture. That Yes, the table can probably not support a lot of weight.

We will now post the tables on the wall in such a way that then they can open and close, so we will use two metal hinges that join the wall with wood. With the concrete bit make the holes in the wall, inserts the appropriate dowels and screws the hinges.

Fold the table surface and puts two hooks in L to the right since the left of the table. These locking hooks, are for the table is held vertically on the wall. Hooks that you can turn as the clockwise so that the table top is released and the legs of the table can be lowered.

Easy right? Also if you have all the utensils is very cheap to make, always can ask tools missing friends or family. Do you feel like? If you do send us pictures of how you have been to see utility give you.

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