Spectacular Apartment in One Madison, New York

New York Apartment

Spectacular apartment in One Madison, New York – We have already submitted One Madison residences in cool homes from the huge luxury Tower of 60 floors where Corp CEO, Rupert Murdoch recently left more than $50 million for a penthouse. But the list of tenants of the building does not stop there. Supermodel Gisele Bundchen and quarterback Tom Brady, who has a $14,000,000 condo on floor 47.

The 60-story building is located right in front of the Madison Square Park in the East of the 22nd Street. The building has a private gym, dining room Butler service room, work in the lobby, and incredible views of the city of New York.

The powerful couple already has two houses in Connecticut and Los Angeles, but will now have a luxurious place to stay when they are in the city. Extremely spacious Manhattan, open floor plan and large windows make the apartment seem even broader. Windows on several sides of the main hall provide spectacular views of the city.

New York Apartment

A corner of the apartment reserved for a TV could be just where watch Tom material of the game. An intimate dining area with modern lamp would be a perfect setting for a quick meal for the young family. Points of view are not stopped, even in a second bathroom.

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