Trendy Style Decoration

Trendy Style Decoration – If you are looking for a different style of decoration sure that you’ll be thinking of different decorations as vintage, retro, classic, traditional, Feng Shui, the Eastern industrial, modern, the minimalist, Baroque, and a long etc. of styles. And it is that there are many styles of interior decorating to satisfy all tastes. But, do you know the trendy in interior decorating style?

This style in interior decoration is a combination of elements to create a unique, original decor and full of personality. The trendy style is a mixture of vintage, with the industrial and urban chic decor style… Good mix right? Intermingle these three styles looking for balance in the interior decoration with laminate flooring, fresh paint and bold colors and with Super design elements.

interior style

I want to talk to you a little bit about these three styles to give you an idea of what would become the trendy decoration style.



When we talk about industrial style we are talking about a combination of laminate flooring as see us in the picture of this article that gives a great feeling of warmth thanks to the rustic appearance that gives. The floor contrasts with the white paint of the walls and found a perfect balance in brightness and good taste. Taking into account the constructive elements of the stay and by carefully selecting the furniture manages to combine metal and stainless steel in a cosy stay.

Vintage style

vintage style

Vintage style is perfect for the nostalgic and the wallpaper for walls with a chic retro style is perfect, and if in addition you combine it with antique furniture… the effect on the decoration is spectacular!

Urban chic

interior decor

Urban Chic style is perhaps the most difficult to define but would really be defined as a style class and elegance that bets on the subtle and abuses of the empty spaces with natural light in contrast with the colors of the room.

If you want to know more about this trendy decoration style please visit since it will help you to understand these decorative styles as combining the necessary elements so that you can discover the current trends and you can inspire you to decorate your home without making works. That’s great!

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