Vertical Garden Benefits

Benefits of the vertical garden – Vertical gardens, green walls, or walls of crops are increasingly popular. It’s the vertical assemblies which are covered by various plants, an excellent alternative to decorate the interior and exterior of houses, buildings and other surfaces.

In the beginning nobody used them because they considered difficult that a plant could grow in such circumstances, but methods were changing and progressing, rooted between two fibrous sheets which are fixed on the wall or through panels of lands which are in vertical position. Thanks to vertical gardens spaces, as well as improving the quality of the air can beautify, they capture dust and particles that are suspended. They are an excellent source of oxygen. In many cases they are used as thermal and acoustic insulation.

To create a vertical garden they should be much different guidelines, such as the climate and its location. Also keep in mind land, plants and the way that it will water plants. It is essential to have good drainage so that the surface is kept too wet and fungus and infections appear. Usually a pump irrigation system is installed so that you can recycle the water falling in the container that is located in the lower part.

Plants that are recommended for vertical gardens are the ornamental, as flowers, vegetables and fruit trees. Remember that depending on the species you should receive plenty of natural light. The rain water will reduce the need for an automatic saving in this sense watering.

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