Wallpaper Decorating Ideas

Wallpaper Decorating Ideas – One of the trends that has been stomping, and seems to be, it is the wallpaper. Increasingly use it more in the renewal of our home thanks to its ease of use, price and the wide range of colors, designs and finishes that can be found in the market.
There are different kinds of paper of wall:
-Paper with textile base, is the most classic, although it is a bit more complicated to place and clean of natural fibers, so it is recommended that you place in areas with little traffic of people or of little use.
-Tissue paper – non-woven, consisting of a textile support and a layer of varnished acrylic vinyl that makes it waterproof and washable. Being very light-resistant and suitable for any space.
-Vinyl paper, is the toughest, since it is covered by a layer of pvc on a base of paper, as well as provide you a greater protection makes cleaning much more simple (simply with a damp cloth), easy to maintain and much more advisable for the busiest areas.
-Vinilizado paper, consisting of a base of paper coated with a layer of special varnish, which allows it to be washable but not as much as the previous.
-Paper valance, strips of paper designed both for worn alone and combined with paint or wallpaper.
-Textured paper, ideal for covering imperfections or highlights of our walls. Available in a multitude of designs and easy to clean.
This way of interior decoration is recommended both for a wall in any room (thus highlighting an area, such as the headboard of the bed wall and paint the rest of a single smooth color), as to paper stay whole. And can be used for the bedroom, living room, Hall, bathroom… Just need to be creative and adapt it to our style and needs.
Its use in the room of the little house is very practical, since we can modify it according to our child’s age, happening for example of baby’s room to children. And, in addition, these walls tend to suffer more with the game and artistic skills of our children, that we will be very comfortable and easy to change it when we needed because it spoils or simply to go to renewing it with the likes of our son.