Wedding Decoration Tips

Wedding Decoration Tips – In a special like the one of our wedding day, we look for those details that make the difference and make that the event has as much as possible of our personal touch. You’re probably losing the head looking for ideas, so we can offer you some tips that may surprise your guests.

Wedding Decoration Tips

A good idea to decorate are balloons. You can use different shapes and colors, place them in the ceremony and reuse them for some fun photographing both at the photo call and as an aperitif. Using wire, you can create different shapes and forms and make wreaths to be placed in different parts of your party. It is a very nice and original detail that also will give a fresh touch.

Instead of using typical cards to number the tables of guests, we can manufacture of carton numbers painted with spray. The Golden and bright colors are great.

For the dance more vintage, can create a zone with some chairs or sofas, style so guests can rest near the track. Another very special detail is to leave an illumination flare over each of the dishes for the guests, to set these on them at the time of dancing, creating one of these touching moments that guests will not forget.

We hope that you have enjoyed these ideas and you can use them on a special day.

see you soon!

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