Choosing a Sofa Tips

Tips for choosing a sofa – A good sofa bed is a great choice when you do not have much space at home but we often have guests who stay to sleep. On the day we have a comfortable sofa that does the job and at night transforms into a comfortable bed for our guests.

It is important to know a number of factors of the sofa beds to find choose and have a piece of furniture as comfortable as possible and that is perfectly adapted to the space available. So today we’ll talk about the different types of sofa beds that are on the market and know the factors to consider when choosing it.

Tips for choosing a sofa

One of the things we should watch out for is the nature of the structure of the sofa. What is important is that it be of quality, usually of wood or high-density polyester.

Another aspect to watch is the mattress of the bed. As far as possible Try it to be laminated, as it is not only more comfortable but also more durable and have more options if one of them breaks.

Finally we’ll look at the sofa cushion. Normally in this type of furniture is that the mattresses are polyester, springs or foam. The latter are the cheapest, but also the least healthy.

One factor to consider in the sofa bed mattress is that it provided a removable cover. So it will be easier to clean and avoid future problems with allergic guests.

Then we will see the different types of sofa beds that are in the market to give you an idea of the options you have. The first thing to know is that there are for one or two people.

As for how you can meet open extensible sofa bed, in which the seat and back are the same piece and bed unfolds horizontally while the legs appear.

Ideas for a sofa could be found the traditional sofa bed, sofa-bed also called, in which the bed is located under the structure of the sofa and having lugs are hinged.

We also have a pull-out sofa bed, that looks normal but with a sofa bed that comes inside to remove the cushions and pull, accordion or sofa bed, which is opened by pulling the couch and opened the bed as if an accordion.

Finally we would talk a little traditional sofa in Western cultures, but very common in the eastern. We speak of course of the futon.

This typical Eastern furniture is a simple wooden platform attached to soil  a thin mattress. During the day its appearance is that of a very low juvenile sofa. In the evening we will have a bed to floor height.

This type of sofa beds are very decorative, and are well suited for environments zen minimalist styles.