Window Decorating Tips

Windows, an often forgotten aspect of home decorating are key elements in any interior decorating scheme. It’s simple enough to figure out why – after all, aside from looking outside or letting in sunlight, what other importance do windows have, contrasted to how a large wall or fireplace may look?. The fact is that windows are a key ingredient in the way your room looks. If you want your decorating theme to really look great, try a few of these window decorating tips and make your home fantastic.

Your room interior design will really look professional with the right sort of window treatments. So, if you have a lodge decorating style, you might think about wood blinds to add to the appeal. The use of wood will draw the theme together and the blinds will serve to let in light and also give you privacy.

If you would like an interesting look on your windows consider mixing up the fabrics and materials you use for window treatments. You don’t have to stick to just wood blinds or just fabrics – you can decorate with both! If you like the ease and convenience of wooden blinds, then match them with drapes to soften up the window decor.

For light airy window treatments, scallops and side tabs look great. Simple yet effective, these additions allow you to tie back your curtains to the side of your wall, for a regal ambiance. Scallops add appeal and style to the top of the window or curtain rail.

Wood windows can be painted or stained with a new shade to show off your interior design. A fresh new color can really add zip to your decorating style. Complete your window design by installing fashionable safety locks for added security plus style.

If your design approach has a lot of heavy fabrics you could think about using vertical blinds for the window treatments. You can get them in fabrics which will give the eye the illusion of a drape but with a lighter feel. And you can avoid dealing with taking them down for professional cleaning then trying to arrange them again like a drape.

These window decorating tips can help you add ambiance to your decorating approach. The way you adorn your windows can make a huge impact in the way your room looks, so don’t overlook this essential area.